A family run business where each member is an established expert in dealing with diamonds and semi-precious stones. Perrian is one of the few diamond companies that does business with a personal touch and emphasis on deliverance, where the name on the door is the same as the people who run the company on a day-to-day basis.
With its 30 years history, known for its beautiful cut diamonds, designs and deliverance, Perrian jewelers has established beyond question that its diamond jewelry is timeless and fashionable. These are the qualities that give Perrian its place amongst the fore runners in the diamond and gem traders in the world.
Owner Mr. Rasik Mangukiya runs Perrian Jewels with the same set of principles put forth by his father, founder Popatlal  Mangukiya  : expertise, integrity and constancy.

Aasu Paricharya – Prompt service
Think of the customer first, making prompt service to the customer a priority
Take personal responsibility for providing service that is convenient, prompt, and efficient.
Sarasa paricharya – Excellent service
Build long-term customer relationships by exceeding our customers' needs.
Tailor service to meet individual needs, paying particular attention to people from diverse cultures and those with special needs
Provide service in a thoughtful and proactive manner, collaborating to meet customer needs, solve problems, and implement effective solutions.
Shreshtha Mullya – Best Price
Our goal is to provide best quality at best price. Since we are the direct manufacturers, exclusion of the middlemen like wholesalers, retailers we are able to offer you quality products at very competitive prices.  Our diamond & jewelry consultants are always ready to answer your questions and help you to get the perfect jewels piece you have envisaged for.
Our Policy
With no questions asked 30 days free return policy & lifetime exchange policy, we thrive to deliver excellent customer service which ultimately results in a marvelo.

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