Guideline for wearing jewellery

Jewellery is worn every day by millions of people, but few of them know how to preserve their jewellery with a little and simple planning. Care for jewellery begins with the proper wear. That means knowing when to put on your jewellery - and when to take it off. Here are some basic things that should be considered when wearing jewellery:

Guideline for cleaning jewellery

It's easy to keep your jewellery looking as shiny as the day you got it. To keep the jewellery piece neat and shiny, it requires regular efforts for those who wear the jewellery regularly. Here are some general guidelines that can help you:

Guideline for Jewellery storing

Jewellery is vulnerable while it's being worn but it also get damage if it is not stored properly. Anyone who owns a jewellery collection can understand how it can be difficult to keep them organized. To keep your jewellery safe for a longer period of time, we have these suggestions for organizing your jewellery and compiled correctly:

Guideline for transporting jewels

Delivery of jewellery can be a serious concern because of its high natural value. Although there are various carrier specific recommendations, here are some precautions to be taken to make the experience less stressful.


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